Welcome to Metroplex Retaining Walls of Virginia, Inc.

Metroplex Retaining Walls has been in business for over 25 years! We furnish and install the highest quality stone retaining walls, segmental retaining walls, entry features, patios, and walkways to the highest satisfaction of our customers. Metroplex Retaining Walls of Virginia, Inc. services the D.C. Metropolitan area including Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and the greater Mid-Atlantic Region.


Segmental Walls

We construct our segmental walls to suit the design and distinctive look you desire for your project.  Our segmental walls are a specialty product which are constructed using block.  There are many colors and textures to choose from, or we offer the option of customization to meet your exact specifications.  Segmental walls can be a more cost effective way to obtain that highly attractive contemporary appearance.


Entrance Features

These are the most versatile of our products.  We offer a wide variety of shapes, styles, colors, and sizes.  A precast sign or column cap adds that finishing touch when incorporated into a beautiful MRW-VA stone wall.  All of the tremendous benefits found in our structural retaining wall systems are incorporated in our entrance features.


Structural Stone Retaining Walls

These stone walls are custom built utilizing the gravity wall system. Unlike other builders, we use no steel or concrete which makes this type of wall more cost effective. We also incorporate a special grout mix design for maximum strength and durability. Each stone is hand cut and placed to create a natural, attractive look to suit your taste. Structural stone retaining walls are available in a wide variety of stone types. These wall systems can be used as an alternative to poured concrete walls and are more timely and cost effective.